Work Life Balance

Training in how to provide and attain a good work life balance

Why train your managers to improve the work life balance of your staff? Three reasons:

  • Poor work life balance can cause stress leading to poor decisions, lower productivity and accidents.
  • Good work life balance for your staff can reduce the chances of you being sued for work place stress.
  • Well-known that happy people work harder; healthy people have fewer days off sick

So organisations with happy, healthy workers are much more productive (and your HR staff have less to do!). A master-class for your managers might be a good starting point, followed by a couple of half-day training sessions for those who need it. When your managers feel confident in their ability to understand and respond to the work life balance issues of the staff, you will start to see a difference in the bottom line!

Coaching to improve work life balance

For individuals who want to make some changes and improve their work life balance I can provide coaching to help you re-balance your life. If you are too busy to leave the office, then a short series of 30-minute telephone conversations over a few weeks could be the answer. My recent PhD research into work life balance for older workers has strengthened my coaching field, and I offer a choice of telephone, Skype or face to face coaching in the following areas:

  • Work Life Balance and Well-being
  • Coping with Redundancy
  • Individual and Organisational Stress Management
  • Preparing for Retirement
  • Planning & Decision making
  • Business Coaching

Research into work life balance

I have been evaluating and researching the impact of work life balance for over 10 years, both in the UK and across Europe. You are probably aware that the EU has developed the concept of work life balance to encourage more people into work, and create more family-friendly workplaces. My PhD research was into the work life balance issues facing older workers and this has led on to the design of a “Work Life Balance Inventory” to help people to assess whether their work life balance can be improved. If you would like to take the inventory then please contact us.

Request your “Work Life Balance Inventory”