Dr Anita delivered a well presented talk about coaching older employees and younger managers managing older employees.

Ours was a small group of coaches and, following her discussions, everyone said how thought provoking Dr Anita was for our coaching group in Local government in this difficult time of national cut backs. A large number of our employees are made up of more senior service staff that have worked for the same authority all their lives, this can make it a very difficult time for them.

Peter Watson

Senior Licensing Officer, Birmingham City Council

Anita was a wonderful person with whom to develop a set of competencies and activities as part of a European Commission-funded project. As joint collaborators on this through ECLO we found that we complimented each others’ skills and produced a product (VISIBLE Guide) that is now being used across Europe to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes of project managers.

I loved working with Anita, she was calm, confident and a consummate professional and very much hope that we will have the opportunity to work together again. Józefa Fawcett

Award-Winning Learning & Training Specialist, International Speaker and Business Vocal Coach

Anita presented at a ‘Training Showcase’ event here at Maple House.

Her talk on ‘harnessing the skills of older workers’ was very well received by the audience. It’s clear that Anita has a wealth of knowledge and
I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Anita is also very personable and approachable.

Highly recommended!

Richard Cawton

Venue Business Development Manager, Etc Venues

Anita was engaged to help support Coaching Development within Birmingham City Council with a specific focus on coaching older colleagues as well as supporting managers who manage older colleagues.  This was on the back of local contacts who were aware that Anita had recently qualified for her Doctorate specialising in these areas. She provided a very practical and insightful session for BCC coaches.

This gave information, generated discussion and feedback as well as providing greater understanding for the needs of older workers, better understanding of issues leading to positive and sometimes challenging situations plus support for younger managers of older colleagues.

Anita mixes her expertise with an approachable and practical style and she gave a very helpful session to support BCC Coaches in developing their own competencies, knowledge and experience.

Steve Jarvis MA, DMS, ILM7, FCIMSPA (Chartered)

Head of Edgbaston District, Birmingham City Council

Anita has been invaluable in contributing to my knowledge and understanding of measuring the Return on Investment for learning development and in particular Coaching.

Her suggestions, recommendations and practical perceptive based on her extensive knowledge and qualifications within the field of ROI not only helped me achieve a postgraduate certificate but has also helped me develop new innovative strategies for measurement that my clients are benefiting from.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Irene Bayliss

Director, EyeJBee Ltd

Anita is a pleasure to work with. She is a true collaborator, is always calm and unflappable and considerate of others.

Fun and amusing, she is generous with her time and her knowledge.  Anita and I worked together on a number of complex projects which were all delivered on time.  I regard Anita as 100% reliable.

Alix Pearson

Director, The Working and Learning Partnership