Project Management

Training in Project Management Skills

Whether your people need a quick two-day refresher in the basics of managing a project, or a formal qualification such as the CMI Diploma in Project & Programme Management, I deliver practical, relevant training that covers the tools and techniques as well as the soft skills of negotiation and persuasion.

Training covers all essential aspects of managing projects and uses your own project as an example throughout. Working with a project team for a short period of time I can ensure that their planning and communication will show substantial improvement. If you would prefer online training in project management skills, have a look at the Project Management School that I lead for the Marshall Gurney Institute

Coaching to improve Project Management

When you have just one or two managers requiring development, coaching may be a cost effective way of improving their project skills and performance. I am a qualified and experienced coach, and can help your managers achieve levels of performance that meet your needs.

Project Evaluation

In theory all projects should be evaluated, but in busy periods this is often the stage that gets overlooked.

A variety of evaluation methods are available, from evaluation of hard and soft indicators up to a full scale ROI evaluation identifying to the penny what returns you are getting from your project.  Qualified with the ROI Institute, I can help you plan evaluation into your project plan from the start, then assist with the analysis of data and reporting of findings.

Project Management services from Anita Pickerden