Older Workers

Training Older Workers (and younger managers)

For employers wanting to help their older workers to remain skilled; enthusiastic and committed to their company, “Ways Forward for Older Workers” is a programme of workshops and coaching sessions for older workers and supportive training for their managers and supervisors. Flexible, and tailored to your company’s needs and training budget, these workshops help you to get the very best out of your older workers during the final 10-15 years of their career, while helping them to share their knowledge and expertise with younger colleagues. This complements your succession planning and your training needs analysis.

  • Happy, fulfilled and committed employees are more productive and cost effective, which helps you maintain your profitability.
  • Investing a small amount into developing and maintaining the skills of your older workers assists your talent development and knowledge management.
  • Well trained motivated employees reduce the costs associated with rapid staff turnover, so you survive and thrive as you emerge from recession.

Coaching Older Workers

Many of us are going to have to work longer before we get our pension, or at least to ensure we get the best pension we can. Yet for some of us, the thought of doing the same job for yet another decade seems intolerable. Don’t get to the end of your working life feeling bitter and angry at missed opportunities. Do something about it now, and take control of the next 5, 10, 15 or 20 years at work to make sure that, when you move to another career, or do finally retire, you do so with a feeling of satisfaction for all that you’ve achieved. Re-focus on what you do best:

  • What work you really enjoy
  • How to develop new skills (or how to up-date your current skills)
  • How to reconnect to work.

Research into Older Workers

Working lives are getting longer and longer; pension age is getting higher; work is intensifying. And at the same time older workers are the ‘squeezed middle’, they are the sandwich generation – caring (and financially supporting) children and at the same time often caring for elderly parents. Employers are very poor at understanding the needs and motivations of their older workers, and often fail to appreciate the knowledge and experience that older workers can bring to the workplace.